ESL #99 Photo Gallery

July 15-16, 2006, Centreville, Maryland

Results from the challenge.

Photos by Mitch Guess

Drag Race.JPG (1.15M bytes) Ian NAR L1.JPG (1.18M bytes) Ian L1 rocket at launch.JPG (1.13M bytes) Mitch Guess Endeavour Clone J415.JPG (1.13M bytes)
Brenda Wallace's WASP vs Bob Lussier's HI TECH 45 Ian Barlow's Tomahawk
(Level 1 Certification Flight)
Mitch's Endeavour Clone


Paul Kent NAR L2 at RSO.JPG (1.24M bytes) Paul Kent V2 at pad.JPG (1.20M bytes) Paul's daughter helping with recovery.JPG (1.20M bytes) Smal V2 on D12.JPG (1.26M bytes)
Paul Kent's V-2
(Level 2 Certification Flight)
Unknown #8


Unknown1.JPG (1.13M bytes) Unknown2.JPG (1.13M bytes)
Mikey Mangieri's Ariel Unknown #10

Photos by David Jarkey

IMG_1130 lampshade vs. hat.jpg (1.34M bytes) lampshade vs hat liftoff.jpg (1.11M bytes) lampshade liftoff.jpg (1.57M bytes) IMG_1123 1.jpg (731K bytes)
David's "Lampshade" vs Dick Stafford's "Hat of Death" Unknown #4


IMG_1134 1.jpg (1.09M bytes) IMG_1145 1.jpg (535K bytes) IMG_1156 1.jpg (881K bytes) IMG_1183 1.jpg (653K bytes)
Jeffery Adams' Pterodactyl Jr. Unknown #6 Unknown #7 Richard Hickok's Upscale Silver Fox


IMG_1191 1.jpg (842K bytes) IMG_1192 1.jpg (667K bytes) IMG_1210 1.jpg (851K bytes) IMG_1229 1.jpg (1.03M bytes)
Phil Stein's Thumper Jr. Unknown #11 Unknown #12


IMG_1244 1.jpg (974K bytes) Omicron Mach Madness Attempt.jpg (1.89M bytes) Omicron Launch on G80.jpg (555K bytes) Skeeter.jpg (434K bytes)
Alex Deschenes' static test David's Omicron II
Don Brown's Skeeter

Photos and Video by Phil Stein (8.66M bytes) 100_0191.jpg (271K bytes) 100_0192.jpg (206K bytes) 100_0206.jpg (338K bytes)
Lampshade vs. Hat of Death
Duration: 0:36   Size: 8.66Mb
Format: QuickTime   Author: Phil Stein
Unknown #2 Unknown #3 Unknown #4

Photos by Jill Weber

DSC_0002.JPG (156K bytes) DSC_0054.JPG (218K bytes) DSC_0003.JPG (192K bytes) DSC_0010.JPG (206K bytes)
Mike McBurnett's Excel Plus Unknown #3 Unknown #4


DSC_0027.JPG (214K bytes) DSC_0028.JPG (198K bytes) DSC_0047.JPG (229K bytes) DSC_0048.JPG (152K bytes)
Paul Kent's V-2
(Level 2 Certification Flight)
Ron Follweiler's Impared Confusion Mitch Guess' Endeavour Clone


DSC_0037.JPG (212K bytes) DSC_0049.JPG (247K bytes) DSC_0011.JPG (226K bytes) DSC_0050.JPG (209K bytes)
Jeffery Adams' Pterodactyl Jr. Jeff Adams turning on two Estes Oracle digital video cameras Jeff Adams and Bob Lussier Drag Race Oracles


DSC_0055.JPG (204K bytes) DSC_0061.JPG (227K bytes) DSC_0069.JPG (208K bytes) DSC_0072.JPG (230K bytes)
Unknown #13 Unknown #14 Ivan Galysh assists Jashua Nelson fly his CanSat


DSC_0067.JPG (230K bytes) DSC_0073.JPG (217K bytes) DSC_0075.JPG (206K bytes) DSC_0076.JPG (207K bytes)
Unknown #17 "I'm feeling particularly stupid today"
(apologies to Gary Larson...)
Ivan Galysh's Forte
(CanSat flight)


DSC_0077.JPG (227K bytes) DSC_0079.JPG (232K bytes) DSC_0087.JPG (239K bytes) DSC_0092.JPG (197K bytes)
Unknown #21 Bill Brown's Due for Extinction Unknown #23 Unknown #24


DSC_0095.JPG (207K bytes) DSC_0101.JPG (208K bytes) DSC_0106.JPG (215K bytes) DSC_0107.JPG (267K bytes)
Unknown #25 Unknown #26 Unknown #27 Unknown #28


DSC_0111.JPG (214K bytes) DSC_0117.JPG (239K bytes) DSC_0123.JPG (235K bytes) DSC_0126.JPG (238K bytes)
Unknown #29 Unknown #30 Unknown #31 Unknown #32


DSC_0127.JPG (230K bytes) DSC_0130.JPG (199K bytes) DSC_0132.JPG (221K bytes) DSC_0133.JPG (250K bytes)
Unknown #33 Ivan Gaylsh's summer camp advanced rocket letting off some steam Unknown #35 Unknown #36


DSC_0134.JPG (266K bytes) DSC_0137.JPG (228K bytes) DSC_0141.JPG (259K bytes)
Unknown #37 CanSat Drag Race

Photos by Jeffery Adams

Bobstuber006.jpg (85K bytes) Bobstuber004.jpg (126K bytes) Bobstuber008.jpg (95K bytes) Bobstuber010.jpg (28K bytes)
Bob Lussier's version of how not to fly a tuber  

Video by Bob Utley

3way.wmv (1.66M bytes) adstaticburn.wmv (2.43M bytes) bcnoname.wmv (1.79M bytes) bhcompetiter.wmv (2.54M bytes)
3 way drag race
Duration: 0:26   Size: 1.66Mb
Format: WinMedia   Author: Bob Utley
Static Burn - Alex Deschenes
Duration: 0:38   Size: 2.43Mb
Format: WinMedia   Author: Bob Utley
No Name - Bruce Canino
Duration: 0:27   Size: 1.79Mb
Format: WinMedia   Author: Bob Utley
Competiter - Bruce Harris
Duration: 0:40   Size: 2.54Mb
Format: WinMedia   Author: Bob Utley


blbwdragrace2.wmv (1.89M bytes) blbworacle.wmv (2.49M bytes) chblobbo.wmv (1.21M bytes) dbezi65.wmv (2.02M bytes)
Lussier & Wallace Drag Race #1
Duration: 0:29   Size: 1.89Mb
Format: WinMedia   Author: Bob Utley
Lussier & Wallace Drag Race #2
Duration: 0:39   Size: 2.49Mb
Format: WinMedia   Author: Bob Utley
Stretch Blobbo - Chuck Hartley
Duration: 0:18   Size: 1.21Mb
Format: WinMedia   Author: Bob Utley
EZI 65 - Don Brown
Duration: 0:32   Size: 2.02Mb
Format: WinMedia   Author: Bob Utley


dsaqualander.wmv (1.66M bytes) dsdjdragrace.wmv (2.26M bytes) dshatofdeath.wmv (1.40M bytes) dsthehornet.wmv (7.69M bytes)
Aqua Lander - Dick Stafford
Duration: 0:25   Size: 1.66Mb
Format: WinMedia   Author: Bob Utley
Lampshade vs. Hat of Death
Duration: 0:35   Size: 2.26Mb
Format: WinMedia   Author: Bob Utley
Hat of Death - Dick Stafford
Duration: 0:21   Size: 1.40Mb
Format: WinMedia   Author: Bob Utley
The Hornet - Diego Solano
Duration: 0:21   Size: 7.69Mb
Format: WinMedia   Author: Bob Utley


dwmdv2lastone.wmv (3.24M bytes) ibtomahawkl1.wmv (2.26M bytes) igbigstick.wmv (1.92M bytes) ikoiko.wmv (2.97M bytes)
V-2 - Dave Weber
Duration: 0:52   Size: 3.24Mb
Format: WinMedia   Author: Bob Utley
Tomahawk - Ian Barlow
Duration: 0:35   Size: 2.26Mb
Format: WinMedia   Author: Bob Utley
Big Stick - Ivan Galysh
Duration: 0:29   Size: 1.92Mb
Format: WinMedia   Author: Bob Utley
Iko Iko
Duration: 0:47   Size: 2.97Mb
Format: WinMedia   Author: Bob Utley


japterodactyl.wmv (1.39M bytes) jmexcell1.wmv (2.28M bytes) jrlukesforce.wmv (2.50M bytes) lbonyx.wmv (1.58M bytes)
Pterodactyl - Jeffery Adams
Duration: 0:21   Size: 1.39Mb
Format: WinMedia   Author: Bob Utley
Excel - Jesse Marder
Duration: 0:45   Size: 2.28Mb
Format: WinMedia   Author: Bob Utley
Lukes Force - John Ritz
Duration: 0:39   Size: 2.50Mb
Format: WinMedia   Author: Bob Utley
Onyx - LeRoy Bonawitz
Duration: 0:24   Size: 1.58Mb
Format: WinMedia   Author: Bob Utley


mbexcelplus2.wmv (3.49M bytes) mleliminator.wmv (1.14M bytes) pkv2.wmv (3.80M bytes) rhagna119.wmv (1.46M bytes)
Excel Plus - Mike McBurnett
Duration: 0:59   Size: 3.49Mb
Format: WinMedia   Author: Bob Utley
Eliminator - Miranda Lee
Duration: 0:21   Size: 1.14Mb
Format: WinMedia   Author: Bob Utley
V-2 - Paul Kent
Duration: 1:04   Size: 3.80Mb
Format: WinMedia   Author: Bob Utley
Agna 119 Penguin - Richard Hickok
Duration: 0:21   Size: 1.46Mb
Format: WinMedia   Author: Bob Utley


zpringles2.wmv (3.12M bytes)
Pringles - Zebby
Duration: 0:50   Size: 3.12Mb
Format: WinMedia   Author: Bob Utley


We appreciate any help in identifying people, places, and rockets, corrections or your suggestions for captions.

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