ESL #135 Photo Gallery

August 22-23, 2009, Centreville, Maryland

Video by Peter Abresch

August_2009_Kevin.wmv (4.87M bytes) August_2009_Peter_Abresch_Maxi_Alpha.wmv (3.01M bytes) August_2009_Peter_Abresch_R2V2.wmv (4.81M bytes) August_2009_Peter_Abresch_Shaken_Not_Stirred.wmv (3.73M bytes)
Duration: 0:01   Size: 4.87Mb
Format: WinMedia   Author: Peter Abresch
Maxi Alpha - Peter Abresch
Duration: 0:01   Size: 3.01Mb
Format: WinMedia   Author: Peter Abresch
R2 V2 - Peter Abresch
Duration: 0:01   Size: 4.81Mb
Format: WinMedia   Author: Peter Abresch
Shaken Not Stirred - Peter Abresch
Duration: 0:01   Size: 3.73Mb
Format: WinMedia   Author: Peter Abresch


August_2009_Randy_Applebaum_Amram4.wmv (1.78M bytes) August_2009_Scott_Kormeier.wmv (3.37M bytes)
AMRAAM 4 - Randy Appelbaum
Duration: 0:01   Size: 1.78Mb
Format: WinMedia   Author: Peter Abresch
Broken, Beaten & Scarred - Scott Kormeier
Duration: 0:01   Size: 3.37Mb
Format: WinMedia   Author: Peter Abresch

Video by Mark Hairfield

ConfirmationLokiKSparky.wmv (12.89M bytes) LOCOnyxXLG53-7.wmv (5.91M bytes)
Duration: 0:15   Size: 12.89Mb
Format: WinMedia   Author: Mark Hairfield
Duration: 0:14   Size: 5.91Mb
Format: WinMedia   Author: Mark Hairfield

Photos by Stephen Hollis

DSCF1360b.jpg (116K bytes) DSCF1389b.jpg (101K bytes) DSCF1391b.jpg (143K bytes) DSCF1402b.jpg (98K bytes)
Unknown #1 Unknown #2 Dan Michael with his I-Roc


DSCF1392b.jpg (152K bytes) DSCF1432b.jpg (108K bytes) DSCF1433b.jpg (127K bytes)
Unknown #5 Unknown #6 Unknown #7

Photos and Video by Mark Swierczek

Arcas.jpg (99K bytes) ArcasDrag.jpg (214K bytes) Hyperion.jpg (54K bytes) Mustang.jpg (64K bytes)
Unknown #1 Unknown #2 Unknown #3 Unknown #4


Phoenix.jpg (107K bytes) Redstone.jpg (60K bytes) Redstone2.jpg (62K bytes) Sandhawk1.jpg (125K bytes)
Unknown #5 Unknown #6 Unknown #7 Unknown #8


SandhawkCATO.jpg (62K bytes) Scout1.jpg (192K bytes) Scout2.jpg (155K bytes) Scout3.jpg (92K bytes)
Unknown #9 Unknown #10 Unknown #11 Unknown #12


Sparky.jpg (90K bytes) Zooch.jpg (165K bytes) HyperionMovie.wmv (1.88M bytes)
Unknown #13 Unknown #14 Hyperion
Duration: 0:19   Size: 1.88Mb
Format: WinMedia   Author: Mark Swierczek

Video by Steve Bayak

FreedomJ230SK.wmv (7.69M bytes)
Freedom - Steve Bayak
Duration: 1:00   Size: 7.69Mb
Format: WinMedia   Author: Steve Bayak


We appreciate any help in identifying people, places, and rockets, corrections or your suggestions for captions.

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