ESL #122 Photo Gallery

July 12-13, 2008, Centreville, Maryland

Video by Chuck Rudy

DiehlWadsleyTest.wmv (2.58M bytes) HatOfDeath.wmv (2.83M bytes) McBurnettSchumacher.wmv (17.31M bytes)
Static Test - Brian Wadsley
Duration: 0:29   Size: 2.58Mb
Format: WinMedia   Author: Chuck Rudy
QuickTime Version - 1.08Mb
Hat of Death - Dick Stafford
Duration: 0:20   Size: 2.83Mb
Format: WinMedia   Author: Chuck Rudy
QuickTime Version - 0.78Mb
DragonFly - Mike McBurnett
Duration: 2:23   Size: 17.31Mb
Format: WinMedia   Author: Chuck Rudy
QuickTime Version - 5.33Mb


MeanShred.wmv (5.34M bytes) Sugah.wmv (4.00M bytes)
Mean Machine - Mark Swierczek
Duration: 0:29   Size: 5.34Mb
Format: WinMedia   Author: Chuck Rudy
QuickTime Version - 1.08Mb
Duration: 0:22   Size: 4.00Mb
Format: WinMedia   Author: Chuck Rudy
QuickTime Version - 0.82Mb

Photos by Craig Zicafoose

Bertha-ESL122.jpg (67K bytes) Bertha-TD-ESL122.jpg (70K bytes) Bumblebee-ESL122.jpg (97K bytes) Bumblebee-chute-ESL122.jpg (74K bytes)
Craig's Big Bertha Unknown #2 Dick Stafford's Killer Bee


Chance-Hawk-ESL122.jpg (62K bytes) Chance-white-rocket-ESL122.jpg (90K bytes) Full-Metal-Jacket-ESL122.jpg (76K bytes) Kraken-ESL122.jpg (99K bytes)
Unknown #5 Unknown #6 Dick Stafford's 58mm JATO Dave Olson's Kragen


hat-O-death-ESL122.jpg (79K bytes) hat-o-death2-esl122.jpg (77K bytes) Mad-Max-ESL122.jpg (82K bytes) Mean-looping-machine-ESL122.jpg (51K bytes)
Dick Stafford's Hat of Death Mike Tyson's Mad Max Unknown #12


Monocopter-ESL122.jpg (93K bytes) Neato-Mosquito-ESL122.jpg (98K bytes) Probe-ESL122.jpg (91K bytes) Saturn-V-ESL122.jpg (84K bytes)
Unknown #13 Unknown #14 Bill Cann's Run! Craig's Saturn V


Sparkle-gogo-pup-ESL122.jpg (46K bytes) SS2-ESL122.jpg (89K bytes) Stafford-Bumblebee-ESL122.jpg (95K bytes) Stafford-Hoop-ESL122.jpg (54K bytes)
Akie Oleszewski's Sparkly Go Go Craig's SpaceShipTwo Dick Stafford's Killer Bee Dick Stafford's Ringer


Static-test-ESL122.jpg (96K bytes) T3-MOL-pad-ESL122.jpg (92K bytes) T3MOL-ESL122.jpg (84K bytes)
Unknown #21 Craig's Titan III

Photos by Dick Stafford

sod_farm_07_12_2008-002.jpg (886K bytes) sod_farm_07_12_2008-008.jpg (897K bytes)
Dick Stafford's Fleet Dick's Ringer

Video by Peter Abresch

R2V2.wmv (4.29M bytes) ShakenNotStirred.wmv (3.54M bytes)
R2 V2 - Peter Abresch
Duration: 1:05   Size: 4.29Mb
Format: WinMedia   Author: Peter Abresch
Shaken not Stirred - Peter Abresch
Duration: 0:51   Size: 3.54Mb
Format: WinMedia   Author: Peter Abresch

Photos and Video by Mark Swierczek

FlightOps.jpg (393K bytes) GForcePrep.jpg (403K bytes) GForce.jpg (328K bytes) GForcechute.jpg (184K bytes)
Unknown #1 Mark's G-Force


Astrobee.jpg (393K bytes) Hat.jpg (217K bytes) InitiatordragRace1.jpg (298K bytes) InitiatorDragRace2.jpg (275K bytes)
Mark's Astrobee D Unknown #6 Unknown #7 Unknown #8


InitiatorDragRacePrep.jpg (382K bytes) LightningBolt.jpg (277K bytes) MadMax.jpg (233K bytes) MarsLander.jpg (429K bytes)
Unknown #9 Unknown #10 Unknown #11 Mark's Mars Lander


MeanMachine.jpg (349K bytes) Titan.jpg (274K bytes)
Mark's Mean Machine Unknown #14


MarsLander2.wmv (3.76M bytes) MeanMachine2.wmv (1.70M bytes) MutantMosquito.wmv (2.59M bytes)
Mars Lander - Mark Swierczek
Duration: 0:36   Size: 3.76Mb
Format: WinMedia   Author: Mark Swierczek
Mean Machine - Mark Swierczek
Duration: 0:16   Size: 1.70Mb
Format: WinMedia   Author: Mark Swierczek
Mutant Mosquito - Mark Swierczek
Duration: 0:25   Size: 2.59Mb
Format: WinMedia   Author: Mark Swierczek

Photos and Video by David Chance

IMG_1108.jpg (266K bytes) IMG_1109.jpg (296K bytes) IMG_1110.jpg (307K bytes) IMG_1111.jpg (275K bytes)
Unknown #1 Unknown #2 Unknown #3 Unknown #4


IMG_1112.jpg (292K bytes) IMG_1115.jpg (334K bytes) IMG_1116.jpg (309K bytes) IMG_1117.jpg (239K bytes)
Unknown #5 Mike McBurnett - MDRA "Rocktologist":
"Turn your head and chuff..."
Unknown #7 Unknown #8


IMG_1118.jpg (253K bytes) IMG_1119.jpg (280K bytes) IMG_1120.jpg (335K bytes) Shiloh.JPG (59K bytes)
Too much tilt... Unknown #10 No standoff? Use masking tape! Unknown #12


Froggy-ESL122.wmv (1.97M bytes)
Duration: 0:20   Size: 1.97Mb
Format: WinMedia   Author: David Chance


We appreciate any help in identifying people, places, and rockets, corrections or your suggestions for captions.

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