ESL #107 Photo Gallery

March 10-11, 2007, Price, Maryland

Photos by Reese Wynn

DSC00812.JPG (140K bytes) DSC00817.JPG (34K bytes) DSC00818.JPG (169K bytes) DSC00822.JPG (321K bytes)
John Ritz's Firefly Unknown #3 Unknown #4


DSC00826.JPG (151K bytes) DSC00827.JPG (177K bytes) DSC00829.JPG (173K bytes) DSC00833.JPG (266K bytes)
Bill Brown's Red Dog Ed Romani's ChiChing


DSC00824.JPG (120K bytes) DSC00828.JPG (106K bytes) DSC00832.JPG (144K bytes) DSC00834.JPG (221K bytes)
Ed Rowe's Arcas Chuck Rudy's Ignoramus John Ritz's Fluttering Heights


DSC00831.JPG (340K bytes) DSC00838.JPG (173K bytes) DSC00837.JPG (207K bytes)
Junie Wynn Harry Wynn's Arcas Unknown #15

Video by David Chance

rocketDoll.wmv (9.58M bytes)
Rocket Doll
Duration: 1:42   Size: 9.58Mb
Format: WinMedia   Author: David Chance

Photos by Rob Bazinet

P1010022.JPG (576K bytes) P1010024.JPG (590K bytes) P1010027.JPG (552K bytes) P1010028.JPG (568K bytes)
Todd Harrison's U.S. Little John


P1010017.JPG (557K bytes) P1010018.JPG (558K bytes)
Rob's Iris

Video by Bob Utley

dc-froggy.wmv (967K bytes) jr-falcon.wmv (5.50M bytes) km-longskipjack.wmv (1.16M bytes) rb-iris.wmv (3.75M bytes)
Froggy - David Chance
Duration: 0:15   Size: 967Kb
Format: WinMedia   Author: Bob Utley
Falcon - John Ritz
Duration: 1:29   Size: 5.50Mb
Format: WinMedia   Author: Bob Utley
Long Skipjack - Ken  Meeks
Duration: 0:18   Size: 1.16Mb
Format: WinMedia   Author: Bob Utley
Iris - Rob Bazinet
Duration: 1:00   Size: 3.75Mb
Format: WinMedia   Author: Bob Utley


rl-coconut2.wmv (1.86M bytes) sh-blackangel.wmv (2.92M bytes) tw-goldfinger.wmv (3.39M bytes) th-littlejohn.wmv (10.61M bytes)
CoConut - Rob Lilley
Duration: 0:30   Size: 1.86Mb
Format: WinMedia   Author: Bob Utley
Black Angel - Steve Heller
Duration: 0:47   Size: 2.92Mb
Format: WinMedia   Author: Bob Utley
Gold Finger - Tim Wilsey
Duration: 0:55   Size: 3.39Mb
Format: WinMedia   Author: Bob Utley
U.S. Little John - Todd Harrison
Duration: 2:52   Size: 10.61Mb
Format: WinMedia   Author: Bob Utley

Photos by David Jarkey

AimlessObject.jpg (1.36M bytes) IMG_3469.JPG (1.52M bytes) IMG_3470.JPG (1.50M bytes) IMG_3482.JPG (1.79M bytes)
David's Aimless Object Unknown #2 Unknown #3 Unknown #4


IMG_3496.JPG (1.50M bytes) IMG_3497.JPG (1.48M bytes) IMG_3528.JPG (1.35M bytes) IMG_3554.JPG (1.55M bytes)
Unknown #5 Unknown #6 Chuck Rudy's Ignoramus Bill Brown's Red Dog


IMG_3507.JPG (1.56M bytes) IMG_3509.JPG (1.20M bytes) IMG_3510.JPG (1.17M bytes) IMG_3514.JPG (1.14M bytes)
Ed Rowe's Arcas


IMG_3538.JPG (1.62M bytes) IMG_3539.JPG (1.61M bytes) IMG_3540.JPG (1.18M bytes) IMG_3549.JPG (1.58M bytes)
Ed Romani's ChiChing John Ritz's Fluttering Heights


Unexpecting.jpg (1.75M bytes) UnexpectingTheExpected.jpg (1.96M bytes) IMG_3571.JPG (2.40M bytes)
David's Unexpecting the Expeded


We appreciate any help in identifying people, places, and rockets, corrections or your suggestions for captions.

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