ESL #103 Photo Gallery

November 18-19, 2006, Price, Maryland

Video by Bob Utley

redglare2.wmv (9.25M bytes)
Red Glare V2.0
Duration: 1:00   Size: 9.25Mb
Format: WinMedia   Author: Bob Utley

Video by Dion Smallwood

GoinPostal.wmv (1.18M bytes)
Goin Postal - Dion Smallwood
Duration: 0:16   Size: 1.18Mb
Format: WinMedia   Author: Dion Smallwood

Photos by Melani Nahra

DSC_0013.jpg (141K bytes) DSC_0014.jpg (86K bytes) DSC_0091.jpg (93K bytes) DSC_0023.jpg (145K bytes)
Dennis Lappert and Dan Michael Bob Utley's Black Eye Unknown #4


DSC_0026.jpg (136K bytes) DSC_0031.jpg (82K bytes) DSC_0034.jpg (137K bytes) DSC_0052.jpg (116K bytes)
Tommy Higgs at the Road Kill Cafe Mike McBurnett Mike & Sean O'Connor preping there LOC Fantom 436 Baby Akie, heir to the Dr. Zooch Rockets empire.


DSC_0065.jpg (147K bytes) DSC_0072.jpg (87K bytes) DSC_0081.jpg (100K bytes) DSC_0090.jpg (110K bytes)
Paul Miller's Black Brant VB David Chance's Froggy Unknown #11 Unknown #12


DSC_0098.jpg (87K bytes) DSC_0100.jpg (186K bytes) DSC_0124.jpg (96K bytes) DSC_0126.jpg (78K bytes)
Don Brown's Initiator Girls of MDRA Gone Wild Kevin Mitchell Dan Michael's 1/2 Scale Nike Smoke


DSC_0118.jpg (143K bytes) DSC_0131.jpg (139K bytes) DSC_0132.jpg (133K bytes) DSC_0133.jpg (97K bytes)
Jerry O'Sullivan and Neil McGilvray drag race their Nike Smokes


DSC_0144.jpg (163K bytes) DSC_0150.jpg (89K bytes) DSC_0153.jpg (111K bytes) DSC_0170.jpg (124K bytes)
Allie Nelson helps Michael Ruzzi recover his LOC Bullet George Sechrist's Top Dog II Michael Mangieri's Amraam 4 Ian Barlow's Tomahawk LIA-F2


DSC_0191.jpg (91K bytes) DSC_0201.jpg (127K bytes) DSC_0202.jpg (160K bytes) DSC_0221.jpg (68K bytes)
Unknown #25 Unknown #26 George Sechrist Rocket Camp Barney Snyder's AGM-4.0


DSC_0137.jpg (182K bytes) DSC_0198.jpg (182K bytes) DSC_0220.jpg (61K bytes) DSC_0260.jpg (137K bytes)
Alex Deschenes' Maudite Moe-Dite Scott Tyrrell's 5 by 7


DSC_0235.jpg (112K bytes) DSC_0247.jpg (91K bytes) DSC_0261.jpg (139K bytes) DSC_0269.jpg (85K bytes)
George Sechrist's Raising L Ed Romani's Nightmare


DSC_0283.jpg (75K bytes) DSC_0299.jpg (64K bytes) DSC_0306.jpg (115K bytes) DSC_0308.jpg (54K bytes)
Scott Tyrrell's 5 by 7 Barney Snyder's October Sky Mike Tyson's Mad Max


DSC_0309.jpg (59K bytes) DSC_0310.jpg (53K bytes)
George Sechrist's Bruiser Plus

Photos and Video by Scott Tyrrell

DSC08980_1.jpg (927K bytes) DSC08981_1.jpg (522K bytes) DSC08984_1.jpg (140K bytes) DSC08987_1.jpg (233K bytes)
Ed Romani's ChiChing Scott's Beater Bill Brown's Red Dog!


DSC08990_1.jpg (109K bytes) DSC08993_1.jpg (910K bytes) DSC08999_1.jpg (248K bytes) DSC09004.jpg (241K bytes)
Glenn Davis' Gold Member Scott's Standard Arm Bill Cann's AeroBee
(Level 3 Certification Flight)
Ted Proseus' Extreme 29


DSC09012.jpg (860K bytes) DSC09014.jpg (187K bytes) (4.58M bytes) DSC09026_1.jpg (294K bytes)
Ed Romani's Nightmare Nightmare - Ed Romani
Duration: 0:47   Size: 4.58Mb
Format: QuickTime   Author: Scott Tyrrell
Scott's Arreaux


DSC09017_1.jpg (75K bytes) (6.24M bytes) (3.59M bytes) (4.90M bytes)
Scott's 5 by 7 5 by 7 - Scott Tyrrell
Duration: 1:05   Size: 6.24Mb
Format: QuickTime   Author: Scott Tyrrell
Top Dog II - George Sechrist
Duration: 0:38   Size: 3.59Mb
Format: QuickTime   Author: Scott Tyrrell
Standard Arm - Scott Tyrrell
Duration: 0:27   Size: 4.90Mb
Format: QuickTime   Author: Scott Tyrrell (3.88M bytes) (4.32M bytes)
Beater - Scott Tyrrell
Duration: 0:41   Size: 3.88Mb
Format: QuickTime   Author: Scott Tyrrell
Beater - Scott Tyrrell
Duration: 0:46   Size: 4.32Mb
Format: QuickTime   Author: Scott Tyrrell

Photos by Carson Lappert

DSC_0224-web.jpg (94K bytes) DSC_0225-web.jpg (71K bytes) DSC_0226-web.jpg (86K bytes) DSC_0234-web.jpg (384K bytes)
Dennis Lappert's Big Yella


DSC_0210-web.jpg (241K bytes) DSC_0211-web.jpg (173K bytes) DSC_0212-web.jpg (176K bytes) DSC_0214-web.jpg (116K bytes)
Dave Olson's Equity At Risk

Photos by Norwood Truitt

BobUtley_ReachForTheSky.jpg (107K bytes) Camoflage_V2_Unknown_Liftoff_300dpi_BU.jpg (199K bytes) Cluster_Rocket_300dpi.jpg (123K bytes) ESL103_Launch_Site_300dpi.jpg (134K bytes)
Unknown #1 Unknown #2 Scott Tyrrell's 5 by 7 Unknown #4


GeorgeSeachrist_TowerLaunch_Unknown_Liftoff_BU.jpg (142K bytes) GeorgeSeachrist_TowerLaunch_Unknown_Flight2_BU.jpg (109K bytes) GeorgeSeachrist_TowerLaunch_Unknown_Flight_BU.jpg (95K bytes) GeorgeSeachrist_TowerLaunch_Unknown_Parachutes2_BU.jpg (106K bytes)
George Sechrist's Top Dog II


Estes_Patriot_Unknown_BU.jpg (122K bytes) Estes_Unknown_BU.jpg (161K bytes) GlennDavis_Goldmember_Liftoff_BU.jpg (190K bytes) JohnRitz_Unknown_Liftoff_BU.jpg (134K bytes)
Unknown #9 Michael Ruzzi's Bullet Glenn Davis' Gold Member Unknown #12


Neil_FredW_BobU_Interview_1.jpg (103K bytes) NorwoodTruitt_Estes_Shadow2_3D12_Flight_BU.jpg (88K bytes) NorwoodTruitt_Estes_Shadow2_3D12_Liftoff_BU.jpg (117K bytes) NorwoodTruitt_Estes_Shadow_3D12_Flight_BU.jpg (86K bytes)
Unknown #13 Unknown #14 Unknown #15 Unknown #16


NorwoodTruitt_Estes_Shadow_3D12_Liftoff_BU.jpg (121K bytes) NorwoodTruitt_Estes_Shadow_3D12_Parachute_BU.jpg (89K bytes) NorwoodTruitt_Estes_Shadow_3D12_Parachute_Ground_BU.jpg (114K bytes) Norwood_Maniac_D12_BU.jpg (163K bytes)
Unknown #17 Unknown #18 Unknown #19 Unknown #20


Norwood_Sidewinder_C6_300dpi.jpg (97K bytes) Norwood_Sidewinder_C6_Flight_BU.jpg (95K bytes) Onpainted_Rocket_Unknown_Liftoff_300dpi.jpg (77K bytes) Rocket_Boys_GlennDavis_Goldmember_300dpi.jpg (134K bytes)
Unknown #21 Unknown #22 Unknown #23 Unknown #24


Red_Rocket_Unknown_Liftoff_300dpi.jpg (72K bytes) Red_Rocket_Unknown_Flight_BU.jpg (103K bytes) Red_Silver_GeorgeSeachrist_Ignition_BU.jpg (181K bytes) Red_Silver_GeorgeSeachrist_Flight_BU.jpg (98K bytes)
Allie Nelson's Sandhawk George Sechrist's Raising L


Red_White_Black_Rocket_Unknown_Ignition_BU.jpg (157K bytes) Red_White_Blue_Unknown_Estes_Liftoff_300dpi.jpg (121K bytes) Red_White_Rocket_Unknown_Liftoff_BU.jpg (141K bytes) Red_White_Rocket_Unknown_Flight_BU.jpg (79K bytes)
Unknown #29 Unknown #30 Bill Brown's Red Dog!


Red_White_Rocket_Unknown_Parachute_BU.jpg (127K bytes) Rocket_Boys_TedProseus_300dpi.jpg (138K bytes) Sparky_Rocket_Flight_BU.jpg (111K bytes) Sparky_Rocket_Liftoff_BU.jpg (160K bytes)
Bill Brown's Red Dog! Ted Proseus' Extreme 29 Scott Tyrrell's Beater


Rocket_Boys_TedProseus_GlennDavis_300dpi.jpg (153K bytes) StandardArm_Sparky_Unknown_BU.jpg (138K bytes) StandardArm_Sparky_Unknown_Flight_BU.jpg (103K bytes) StandardArm_Sparky_Unknown_Parachute_Separation_300dpi.jpg (86K bytes)
Unknown #37 Scott Tyrrell's Standard Arm


Ted_Proseus_Rocket_Unknown_Flight_BU.jpg (90K bytes) Ted_Proseus_Rocket_Unknown_Liftoff_BU.jpg (126K bytes) TubeFin_Rocket_Unknown_Flight_BU.jpg (85K bytes) TubeFin_Rocket_Unknown_Ignition_300dpi.jpg (135K bytes)
Ted Proseus' Extreme 29 Unknown #43 Unknown #44


Unknown_Yellow_Black_Rocket_Liftoff_BU.jpg (164K bytes) Unknown_Yellow_Black_Rocket_Flight_BU.jpg (84K bytes) White_Red_Rocket_Unknown_2_BU.jpg (108K bytes)
Ed Romani's ChiChing Ian Barlow's Tomahawk LIA-F2


White_Red_Rocket_Unknown_300dpi.jpg (117K bytes) White_Red_Rocket_Unknown_BU.jpg (153K bytes)
Jim Cox's Into Thin Air


We appreciate any help in identifying people, places, and rockets, corrections or your suggestions for captions.

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