ESL #101 Photo Gallery

September 23-24, 2006, Centreville, Maryland

Photos by Mike McBurnett

ESL101_1 002.jpg (200K bytes) ESL101_1 006.jpg (211K bytes) ESL101_1 007.jpg (141K bytes)
Unknown #1 Josh Izenberg's Callisto


ESL101_1 001.jpg (239K bytes) apache_SF906.jpg (62K bytes)
Mike's Apache  

Photos and Video by John Nelson

100_0041.JPG (1022K bytes) 100_0042.JPG (1.44M bytes) 100_0045.JPG (849K bytes) 100_0046.JPG (608K bytes)
Unknown #1 Unknown #2 Unknown #3 Unknown #4


100_0048.JPG (889K bytes) 100_0056.JPG (1.02M bytes) 100_0065.JPG (1.39M bytes)
Unknown #5 Ted McCauley's Nike -X Bill Brown's preps Due for Extinction for what would be it's last flight...


100_0059-2-stage-Estes.MOV (2.46M bytes) 100_0060-Estes.MOV (1.79M bytes) 100_0061-Blue-Estes-full-flight.MOV (3.80M bytes) 100_0062-Green-yellow-Estes-out-of-sight.MOV (2.50M bytes)
Duration: 0:01   Size: 2.46Mb
Format: QuickTime   Author: John Nelson
Duration: 0:00   Size: 1.79Mb
Format: QuickTime   Author: John Nelson
Duration: 0:00   Size: 3.80Mb
Format: QuickTime   Author: John Nelson
Duration: 0:00   Size: 2.50Mb
Format: QuickTime   Author: John Nelson


100_0064-Warthog-F20.MOV (6.51M bytes) 100_0067-Big-rocket-mishap.MOV (4.16M bytes) 100_0068-Blue-rocket-mishap.MOV (2.00M bytes) 100_0069-Sumo.MOV (2.72M bytes)
Warthog - Joe Ruzzi
Duration: 0:01   Size: 6.51Mb
Format: QuickTime   Author: John Nelson
Due for Extinction - Bill Brown
Duration: 0:01   Size: 4.16Mb
Format: QuickTime   Author: John Nelson
Escape Velocy - Bruce Harris
Duration: 0:01   Size: 2.00Mb
Format: QuickTime   Author: John Nelson
Sumo - Rob Lilley
Duration: 0:01   Size: 2.72Mb
Format: QuickTime   Author: John Nelson


100_0070-Estes-partial-ejection.MOV (2.39M bytes) 100_0071.MOV (2.31M bytes) 100_0072.MOV (2.94M bytes)
42 - David Jefferies
Duration: 0:01   Size: 2.39Mb
Format: QuickTime   Author: John Nelson
Duration: 0:00   Size: 2.31Mb
Format: QuickTime   Author: John Nelson
Duration: 0:00   Size: 2.94Mb
Format: QuickTime   Author: John Nelson

Photos by Jill Weber

DSC_0021.JPG (132K bytes) DSC_0013.JPG (148K bytes) DSC_0015.JPG (156K bytes) DSC_0017.JPG (115K bytes)
Dave Weber's Toober Dave Olson's Double Declining Balance


DSC_0019.JPG (131K bytes) DSC_0022.JPG (154K bytes) DSC_0025.JPG (138K bytes) DSC_0026.JPG (208K bytes)
Unknown #5 Alex Deschenes' Clown of Doom


DSC_0018.JPG (132K bytes) DSC_0034.JPG (147K bytes) DSC_0035.JPG (136K bytes) DSC_0036.JPG (138K bytes)
Unknown #9 Unknown #10 Unknown #11 Bob Utley of ROCKETS Magazine


DSC_0042.JPG (202K bytes) DSC_0049.JPG (120K bytes) DSC_0051.JPG (150K bytes) DSC_0054.JPG (138K bytes)
Ian Barlow's Eclipse-A
(Level 2 Certification Flight)
Jim Cox's Found Hanging Around
(AKA Ian Barlow's Black Brant 5B Cert 1 flight from ESL 98)


DSC_0057.JPG (161K bytes) DSC_0058.JPG (143K bytes) DSC_0060.JPG (201K bytes) DSC_0061.JPG (179K bytes)
Jim Cox's Oh I found it Alex Deschenes' Found Laying Around


DSC_0020.JPG (137K bytes) DSC_0077.JPG (170K bytes) DSC_0063.JPG (122K bytes) DSC_0081.JPG (152K bytes)
Busy day at the MDRA RSO table...


DSC_0090.JPG (134K bytes) DSC_0038.JPG (160K bytes) DSC_0072.JPG (173K bytes)
Unknown #25 Ed Rowe's and Mike McBurnett's Patriot


DSC_0073.JPG (193K bytes) DSC_0076.JPG (144K bytes) DSC_0079.JPG (176K bytes)
Cindi Wallace's Silver Fin
(Level 1 Certification Flight)


DSC_0080.JPG (162K bytes) DSC_0104.JPG (162K bytes) DSC_0105.JPG (204K bytes)


We appreciate any help in identifying people, places, and rockets, corrections or your suggestions for captions.

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